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Service Fee

In accordance with Regulation 38 (1) of Chapter 374D Road Traffic (Publish Service Vehicles) Regulations:

“The registered owner of a public bus or public light bus, if permitted to do so under the terms of a passenger service licence which is in force in respect of the vehicle, and [the registered owner of a taxi, may hire the vehicle to any person at a rate of hire based on the time during which the vehicle is hired with or without additional charge in respect of the mileage travelled by the vehicle while it is so hired, or on such other terms as may be agreed with the hirer.]”

According to the regulation above, the registered owner or his/her/their authorized agent – SynCab, has set out the following terms for SynCab Service and as agreed with the Passenger:

Booking of SynCab Service can be made through SynCab’s System/Website/Mobile App/Reservation Hotline. The Passenger can also place his/her booking with SynCab’s registered Taxi Driver. The Taxi Driver will then submit the booking request to SynCab’s booking channels on the Passenger’s behalf.

SynCab MPT Service selected by the Passenger will be charged on the standard meter rate plus a designated Booking Fee. The Passenger shall pay the standard meter fares together with the Booking Fee directly to the Taxi Driver. The Booking Fee may be varied from time-to-time subject to SynCab’s publication on its Website/Mobile App.

The Passenger selects SynCab SPT Point-to-Point Service will be charged on a computed price basic which will be debited from Passenger’s payment card once booking confirmation is sent to Passenger. The price charged to Passenger already includes all potential sub-charges, such as toll/tunnel/luggage fee.

The Passenger understands and agrees to the charges above-mentioned, and a booking ID will be provided upon booking confirmation.

Once the booking request is submitted, the Passenger will enter into a hiring contract (“Electronic Contract”) with SynCab on behalf of the registered taxi owner, and third party risks insurance are covered, no formal signature is required. Passenger may cancel a reserved Electronic Contract through SynCab’s Website/Mobile App. If the passenger would like to retrieve the Electronic Contract, he/she/they can email his/her/their request to with the given order ID.